Group Therapy

Group therapy is a good fit for to help several people address issues together that are similar in nature. Group therapy can take the form of a “drop-in” group or it can be a structured and scheduled group that takes the same group of people from start to finish. Groups can be a highly effective way to support therapeutic and life goals.

Current Groups

Finding Freedom: An Adolescent Trauma Support Group
This group is for adolescents age 13-21 who have experienced trauma through abuse, sexual assault, foster care, etc. who wish to connect with others around their age to gain support, understanding, and coping skills. This group is not designed as a substitute for trauma based therapy. Group members need to have either a letter from a current or past therapist stating they are appropriate for the group or have an interview at Caladrius to determine that the group is a good fit. Currently on hold due to COVID-19.

Insurance often covers group therapy. Reach out to us with any billing questions!

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