Family Therapy

Families often struggle with communication, emotional expression, working together, and problem solving. Family therapy is there to focus on the entire family unit and to help it work more effectively together. In family therapy, the therapist does not focus on one member of the family, rather, they help the entire family system address issues and concerns and improve communication and support in order to help everyone function better and increase family connectedness.

Common concerns that family therapy can help with include:

  • Family conflict
  • Family disconnect
  • Uniting differing parenting styles
  • Problems with communication
  • Problems with emotional support
  • Navigating conflict between adults, their adult siblings, and their parents
  • Navigating conflict between in-laws and partners
  • Navigating conflict between extended family and family unit
  • Helping families recover from trauma, grief, or large changes
  • Coping with family illness, addictions, or behavioral problems

Our therapists are trained in family therapy and utilize evidence based practices to help your family focus on relationship building and strengthening the family unit in order to better resolve conflicts, provide love and support, and open communication. We can provide a free 15 minute consult to explore if family therapy is a good fit for your family!

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